New to BlueVoda’s Web Builder

I cannot believe this program is given away free, the BlueVoda web builder is fantastic. I have been using itfor a week and am gradually revamping my sites as it is so easy to do.  It has only been a few days now and I am about to dump my other programs which when added to notepad were my mainstay html component builder’s.   I am so impressed with the program that I am advertising their hosting package probably on a dozen or so sites to see how popular it is and maybe how popular I can assist in making it, obviously as an affiliate, I am in it for the money so If it works for me then BlueVoda will pick up the referrals.   As I can get so much from this package I feel I must extol its virtue. If one cannot create a viewable website with this package I would be surprised.  I will stick around the forum to see what tips I can pick up, but as far as a BlueVoda web builder this is as good as it gets.

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