Dependable Customer Support with VodaHost

Hi there! My name is Peter and I am a small business owner. Recently after the recession, I was finding it very difficult to manage my business. And due to my brother’s recommendation, I decided to shift a major part of my business to the internet. I could not go for the web hosting companies which came at a premium price as I wanted something very economical; so I decided to go for a cheap web hosting company.  I started looking around for the best web hosting company I could, keeping my budget in consideration.

I spent quite a long time on the internet searching through the different cheap web hosting companies. Finally after a lot of deliberation, I decided to go with a company known as VodaHost because it also claimed to be the best web hosting company. VodaHost appeared to offer a lot, considering that the cost was only about 7.95 $ a month. It really had no hidden fees and offered unlimited uploads and download limits.
And guess what! It turned out to be the best decision, as VodaHost offered all that I could ever dream of for so little. I wasn’t expecting much from such a cheap web hosting company, but to my pleasant surprise, it was cheap, and the best. It offered an almost uninterrupted up-time of 99.99% and so far, there has not been a single case of disturbance to my website services.

VodaHost also offers support for new age protocols and services like PHP, MySQL, and CGI, along with database support. VodaHost also keep their services updated, to enable you to deliver a richer experience to your customers every time. This cheap web hosting company also offers an almost seamless integration for the blogs, CMSs, and forums. So, VodaHost will be really helpful for those of us who like to add blogs and other feeds to our website. Doing so gives our customers a whole new platform for interaction. It also allows the incorporation of live streaming services and makes the experience of your clients richer.

VodaHost, the best web hosting company, also offers an affiliate program, so you can also make money that way! I’ve also been highly benefited by its multiple shopping carts. VodaHost also offers support for multiple merchant accounts.

Another aspect which has always kept me happy is their customer service. VodaHost has an extremely efficient customer support forum, which has always surprised me. Not only are they very well qualified and prompt in their response, but they are also very courteous. They take care of any problem in a matter of minutes!

I will recommend VodaHost to anyone who wants to use the services of a cheap web hosting company. Till now it has proven to be the best web hosting service I have ever come across. And my business is going great! This best web hosting company has enabled me to run my websites without interruption, and without any downtime issues.