Stick with BlueVoda and VodaHost

I am a small business owner as well, and when I started with VodaHost webhsoting my knowledge was nill on website building.  I don’t know if you need a shopping cart or not, but here are my suggestions, though not solicited :).  I started out with Bluevoda website builder and ended up going with Soholaunch. Why, well I was totally a novice at website building and I don’t have a lot of time dedicated to build the site. BlueVoda is an excellent way to build a site, but depending on your skills, it might take quite a bit of time. It is definitely more flexible, but more complex and involved.  Soho, on the other hand is quite elementary and very user friendly.  Not as flexible or as customizing as BlueVoda, but if you are a one man show with many hats and your knowledge base is beginner. I would definitely recommend Soho. Either way, stick with VodaHost. These guys rock and will be there for you all the way.  Friendly forums and quick answered support tickets!

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