Vodahost has a satisfied customer for life!

At first when I started my travel business I thought just having a freebie site was good enough. Although I worked very hard on the site, it just didn’t look professional enough and I was limited on how I wanted it to look. So my search began for the right web hoster. Seems like when the question came up for “whats the best web hosting company” most choose the same company but to me it was so hard for me to weed through all the features and if you wanted more features you had to pay more money. Then came BlueVoda and Vodahost.

What a breath of fresh air. I downloaded the free BlueVoda website builder…so impressive…easy to use….I could build my site the way I wanted it to be. Then the webhosting…so many features…no hidden cost….so affordable. Then the support…great community forum…a place where no question is too dumb….kind, knowledgeable people to help all hours of the day and night. What more could one ask for (well, maybe a glass of wine and crackers, but that might be pushing it), lol.

VodaHost has a satisfied customer for life (or as long as I can pay my bill) whichever one comes first. No joke, I am so glad that I stumbled upon BlueVoda and also equally happy that I choose Vodahost to host my site.

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