Web Hosting with Unlimited Disk Space

I use to run a small school for women where they are taught how to knit and sew and other interesting hand crafts. At the particular school, all the work the students complete is very hands on and practical. When the students graduate from the school, all the appliances that they brought in are left behind. So I decided to sell them and considered building a website since I had heard that the online market was booming.

I went to a friend in order for her to help me set things up. She provided me with a cheap website template and web hosting package she knew of. My site was up and running in no time. It was a new start, so I can’t even describe my enthusiasm for this new venture. I began uploading the pictures and videos of the products that I intended to sell but that was the moment when my dreams were shattered. As I uploaded the videos I got a message that there wasn’t enough storage space. When I mentioned this to the web hosting provider, they asked me to pay more money for the extra disk space. Instead of spending more money, I decided to search for a new and better web hosting provider. I saw some reviews of a web hosting company called VodaHost. VodaHost were asking for only $7.95 a month so I decided to try it. I wasn’t expecting much from this cheap web hosting.
What convinced me were the reviews. People said it was a cheap web hosting provider and yet also the best web hosting service. It was when I started using VodaHost that I realized that they really were very good!

The first thing I noticed about VodaHost was that it was very cheap web hosting and the next pleasant surprise was that VodaHost was faster than my previous provider. When I started to upload all the videos and pictures to my site, not once did I have any interruption or issue of any kind. It proved to be the best web hosting service by providing unlimited disk space. Also with VodaHost I was able to add on unlimited domains to my web hosting account. With its numerous qualities, like having fast servers with no interruption, unlimited disk space, VodaHost has proved that it really is the best web hosting service on the market. In addition to that, when I needed help managing my site, I simply contacted the support facility and they replied in seconds; my problem was solved. They also offer all types of templates for your website, which makes them look really professional. Basically, VodaHost has all the qualities that a best web hosting service should have.

Now it has been almost four months since I have been running the site using VodaHost and I haven’t had a single problem. I am so satisfied with the service that I felt the urge to write about this company. I feel like spreading the word because it is not only a cheap web hosting company in the market but their services are top notch. So if you are having problems with your current webhost then it’s high time to try out the best web hosting company that will not only provide you with services like unlimited emails, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and all types of support forums, but also it’s a very cheap web hosting company. So don’t waste time and turn to VodaHost now.