I am SO indebted to BlueVoda!

I am SO indebted to BlueVoda. Not only was I able to sell my house as a FSBO [for sale by owner] in two days with FOUR AMAZING OFFERS to choose from, but everyone who came to the Open House said to me “great website! it was so helpful! better than any house websites we’ve seen.” I really think it was the ability to mass-market my home-for-sale with a great website and house address as its domain name that ended up getting me such great exposure and such a great selling price.
I really think BlueVoda should market your site more heavily as a FSBO-aid, where sellers can put lots of pictures and info and mass-market to the broadest audience. Even nonFSBO homes for sale would benefit from having a website with all the information in a clear, attractive format. I’ll definitely tell all home-sellers about BlueVoda.

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