Learning with BlueVoda

When something really good comes along, you have the urge to give a testimonial. You can’t help yourself. Therefore, I would like to recommend BlueVoda website builder to everyone who wants to construct his own website. This was my first shot at building a website and I admit I did do some quiet cursing. But it was usually aimed at myself. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but if you take it one piece at a time, it comes together with a bang. I was up in three days with 15 or so pages. It wasn’t pretty but there is plenty of time to tweak as you go.

I can’t imagine having someone else run my site now. I think of something during the day and I can incorporate my thoughts in moments without having to call the webmaster to talk about my own site. (And get charged for his time, too.).

But the high point for me is the amazing BlueVoda support team. I had a question today via support ticket and it was answered right away.  What a breath of fresh air. This has been a very worthwhile experience and I am still learning every day with BlueVoda.

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