Making time for VodaHost

I don’t normally take the time to write reviews for any product or service that I use, however I felt that after the outstanding service I received fromVodaHost web hosting, it was necessary.  I am a small business owner from Texas.  My business is very specialized and for many years I balked at the internet and the need for a website.  My customers have always come to me by word of mouth on a referral basis.

Over the past five years, there was a noticeable decline in my business.  I bought advertising in the local Yellow Pages and the news paper to attempt to attract more customers.  I got new customers, but the cost of getting them outweighed the profit.  I knew it was time to enter the world of the internet.  I contracted a programmer to build, create website and host my site.  This proved to be expensive as well, but having a global audience did help me to build my clientele.

One of my customers that had seen my website was discussing all of the options that are on the internet.  Honestly, most of it was over my head, but when he mentioned a web hosting company that would host my website for $7.95/month I was intrigued.  I was paying twice that to the programmer that had created my site.  I checked into VH and spoke with their customer service.  They answered all of my questions in terms that I could understand.  I choose to transfer my hosting to them and have never looked back.  My business is doing better than ever and I was able to cut my costs to improve my bottom line.  VH helped an “old dog” learn a new trick.

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