VodaHost offers it all!

I am not a computer whiz or even intermediate internet user.  This is the main reason I would like to say thanks to VodaHost.  There customer service department was very friendly and eager to help me even when I asked what may have been “dumb questions”.  I needed a website for my new brick and mortar business, but since my capital was running low due to start up costs, I was forced to do all website building myself.  I thought I needed to know HTML and wasn’t looking forward to the process as I figured it would take me weeks to even get a basic layout completed.  VodaHost offers a FREE site builder to create website that is so easy that even I built a great website in a few days.  I even have professionally named emails with the site which was included.
My website has been up for several months and I have never had a problem with down time, so VodaHost has proven to be very reliable.  I have friends that own other business here in town and use other web hosting companies.  I have heard stories of them losing their websites or the site being down for several days at a time.  I have referred them to VodaHost, as my experience has been outstanding.
VodaHost is also very inexpensive.  In my research of choosing a webhosting company I saw prices from $4.99 (stripped down) to $275.00 (Include a website builder).   VodaHost is only $7.95/month and came with everything that an inexperience internet user needed to build a website.  I have plans to add t-shirts and hats with my company logo to the site.  They even offer ecommerce for no extra charge.  I would recommend VodaHost to anyone needing webhosting.

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