A++ for VodaHost

I somehow got wrangled into joining the communications committee at the family reunion last year. It seemed like the simplest solution was to create website with e-mail addresses so we could all keep in touch. I looked on-line and found a web hosting service called VodaHost that had free software to help you build a web page. The service was less than 10-bucks a month, so the committee voted to try it for a year and see how it worked.
I just wanted to thank everyone at VodaHost for bringing this family closer together. We love our family’s web page and now use it to raise funds for the reunion every year. We never have any problems with our site, and when we do make changes, VodaHost customer support is always friendly and ready to help. I would recommend VodaHost and their free software to anyone who wants to build a website for any reason. A++

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