Excellent Customer Support with VodaHost

Hello! My name is Stefan and I work as a website designer. Recently, I was working on a website for a company selling goods on the internet. When I had almost finished my design work, the manager of the company asked me to suggest the best web hosting company to him. I recommended VodaHost at once. You might think that I answered him too soon but I knew exactly what I was talking about. I was and still am absolutely certain that this company offers the best web hosting.

Actually some time back, I was working for a small private school as a webmaster. The school had appointed me to set up a website for them and also required me to maintain the site. I was offered a very small amount of money to work with, as recession had just kicked in and the school was going through a fund crunch. It was a really tough job- as I not only had to attract new students to take admission in the school; but I also had to keep the current batch of students attracted to their present school through their website. I had to make sure that the students were kept well informed about the daily activities of the school.

I a great deal of deliberation and after browsing through hundreds of testimonials, reviews and recommendations from friends I finally chose the cheap web hosting company- VodaHost. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but all my doubts were completely washed away when I actually began to experience their best web hosting service. VodaHost offered me the guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. I have never experienced any down time at all.

VodaHost, the best web hosting company offers you the support of new age services and protocols. It allows seamless integration of Perl, MySQL, and PHP and offers unlimited space for different databases. For shopping concerns, it offers unlimited shopping carts and merchant accounts. All this and much more, at such a cheap web hosting price! VodaHost also offers seamless integration of live video services to make the experiences of your customers a more vivid and richer one. You will be amazed with the number of facilities offered by VodaHost.

In addition, their customer service is also phenomenal included in the cheap web hosting price of 7.95 $ a month. VodaHost was really a Godsend during those times of economic downturn. All my queries were taken care of within a matter of minutes. Their help was critical and was much needed for maintaining the school’s website. The customer service personnel are highly trained and they really know what they are doing. Most importantly, they are willing to take you every step of the way.

To sum up, the school survived the recession and has now developed into a large private school; there’s no need to mention that they are still availing from the services of the same cheap web hosting company- VodaHost.

VodaHost has definitely created a niche position for itself in the long list of cheap web hosting service providers. And, VodaHost truly deserves to be called the best web hosting service out there.