A pleasant introduction to the world wide web with VodaHost

I own a small business with a very low-budget and consider myself a relative newbie when it comes to this business of web hosting. Previously I knew I needed to get my business on the internet as all my competitors had. I felt I was losing business. I thought it was easy to do and started looking for a web hosting company but replies of  domain names, uptime and bandwidth just went straight over the top of my head. To anyone else involved in web hosting these terms are probably easy to understand however the replies just gave me this fear that I was going to lose money hand over fist.

After reviewing website after website I came across VodaHost and they also had the easy option to build your own website with their BlueVoda software which before I had got quotes of up to a thousand dollars to do! However, I was more interested in the VodaHost self explanatory web hosting knowledge-base, which explained in simple terms everything I had asked myself. To date it is the best web hosting knowledge-base I have ever seen and I still have it bookmarked. VodaHost also had easy video tutorials (for their web hosting service and BlueVoda) and a forum explaining loads of stuff in detail about web hosting.

There were a couple of questions about web hosting that I still had, but it was easy enough to send off a ticket to the VodaHost customer support team, so I did and waited for a reply. It came  back almost immediately and was friendly, professional and  easy to understand; VodaHost didn’t talk in the internet jargon that so many other web hosting companies did. The fast response immediately made me decide to sign up. This process was very fast and with the help of the VodaHost customer support team it was easy to launch my business on the internet.

I am impressed with my new website with VodaHost and have included a lot of features from the online image site that I might never have thought to consider before. By my estimation I have saved around a thousand dollars by going with VodaHost web hosting and building my website using BlueVoda. Thanks guys! A pleasant introduction to the big world wide web.