A really cool opportunity from VodaHost…

In these hard times when financial recession seems to have spread its shadow on people’s earning I’ve found a really cool opportunity from the VodaHost web hosting company which I wanted to share; In return for promoting VodaHost’s web hosting services, they will pay you some money through their affiliate program. The affiliate program of the web hosting company VodaHost is free to join, requires only a little technical HTML knowledge and is really user-friendly. All you have to do is sign up with the VodaHost affiliate program and have web hosting and a website somewhere. On joining the affiliate program of VodaHost you’ll be provided with all the HTML text links and banners that you’ll need to place in your website. To do this you don’t necessarily have to be their customer already; You don’t have to buy web hosting with them.
So any sales done through those links in your website will be tracked by VodaHost software and then you can earn commission from them. Not just on sales from links in your website but those who join affiliate program of VodaHost, through your own “efforts”, will treated as sub-affiliates and on sales done by your sub-affiliates you earn commission of 15%. So you will be working on your own as well as with people down under you who are working for you. It’s a double benefit of working with web hosting company VodaHost.
The biggest advantage, I think, of the VodaHost affiliate program, is that your web hosting is working round the clock for you. Also, you can have a look at the site visitor results and your earnings in real time from your affiliate home page. That way you can make out which banners are working best. The products that you will be promoting through this affiliate program from VodaHost are their own web hosting services as well as their free, in-house website builder BlueVoda.
Since the internet has proved to be an excellent tool to market your business via web hosting, the scope of having websites now is truly tremendous. That makes this affiliate program from VodaHost real easy to work with. I’ve just earned some cash from it and I’m sure some have been earning huge amount of money through affiliate program from this web host company. It really makes whatever web hosting you have worth-while.