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My name is Anthony Liu and I am from South Carolina. I have always managed financially to get through the month, until 2007 when I lost my job and I was wondering what would come next. With mortgage bills to pay, three kids and an ailing mother to look after, I thought the end of the world was imminent.

I wasn’t computer savvy and businesses required this to get a job. This is when I was given the idea by my wife to portray my paintings online. I was very skeptical at first, because I knew nothing about how to build my own website or what web hosting is and how to find the best web hosting company but as I was financially down I also needed a cheap web hosting provider.

That is when I learned of VodaHost from a close friend, Annie Moran. She told me how this web hosting company is highly recommended and they also offer you an easy to use website builder to create a website. Annie has been using VodaHost for her website that she created and now has a prosperous catering business. Frankly speaking, I was still a bit skeptical. But I said to myself, “Why not take a chance and use this opportunity to promote my work” and use one of the best web hosting services, plus they are a cheap web hosting provider, so I would not have to take a huge financial risk if things did not work out.

I instantly researched VodaHost and found that it is considered one of the best web hosting services fit for any one and even novices. Included within VodaHost cheap web hosting accounts is BlueVoda. BlueVoda is their award winning website builder and it is free to download as well as simple to use.

My website now caters to my clients as far as the Middle East and India. My feelings and thoughts through my art work has become a hit with corporate and domestic clients across the globe. VodaHost has helped me to promote and build my dreams in order to provide for my family as I can earn more profits with this cheap web hosting.

VodaHost allowed me to design my website as wished. I can share my creations and earn from them as well. I have never faced a downtime with this best web hosting service. Whenever I required assistance, their customer support was super friendly and they truly go by 100% customer satisfaction.

Being a novice in computers and my experience with VodaHost, I would certainly recommend all web designers and entrepreneurs out there to check out VodaHost, the cheap web hosting portal and allow them to help you build your website today.

Now I can say goodbye to all those financial blues and worries. If you have the talent and are willing to invest your time at making something right, go with VodaHost the best web hosting company. Good luck and hope you too find your happiness, as I know it is difficult out there. Take a chance and build your future through the expertise of VodaHost today.