BlueVoda and Vodahost the best of the best!

I’m new to the Webworld and never in my life would have thought I could build a website. I consider myself a technically challenged person and artistically not even close to drawing credible stick men but the BlueVoda webuilder has made me feel like a genius and the help and kindness of the member and staff of the VodaHost Forum has raised my level of knowledge.

The Forum is one of the greatest assets of VodaHost, which by itself is already an incredible bargain. Upon searching the web I had tried a few other free webbuilders but BlueVoda was the only one that I found that really was created with the novice in mind. Kudos to them for a job well done. They have a lively forum and a great support team that makes it easy to go about making a great site in very little time.

To those seeking a free webuilder and a great hosting service I recommend BlueVoda & Vodahost as the best of the best.

Try it yourself…it’s worth the time.

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