Brilliant web hosting; hooray for VodaHost!

I have been writing articles as a freelancer for the web for several years now and unfortunately have not been making very much money out of it. I read somewhere that writers need to have a website to reach more clients but the thing is, I do not have any experience in website design or web hosting (I’m a writer!). I then searched for a web hosting company. I checked several sites and came across VodaHost.

VodaHost had really nice features and had good reviews, too. I checked out their website and compared its features and of course price against other web hosting companies.

I had the money to go with the monthly billed web hosting with VodaHost, whose services were pretty cheap so I gave their webhosting services a try. Basically, I wanted to take advantage of the unlimited disk space and unlimited monthly data transfer. I am not sure if I’d need them but the fact that they were unlimited made them worth considering.

I noticed also that I could host an unlimited amount of websites using VodaHost and I felt that to be incredibly good value. While I was initially interested in hosting just one website, if I could do several websites in the future, it would be great.

Before I started, I checked all the tutorials. I think I have spent more time with the tutorials than on creating my website. This is because the tutorials and the reliable customer support team are wonderful and I’ve learned a lot about web hosting in using them.

VodaHost made it really easy to create my first website with the web hosting tutorials, the customer support (who are available even in wee hours) and the website templates all helped me greatly in getting get up-and-about online.

I am extremely happy that I created my website with VodaHost and the e-commerce facilities help make things easy for me receiving and accepting projects. It’s a brilliant web hosting feature.

Had I known that having a website was important in doing business online, I would have purchased my web hosting and set-up my website with VodaHost a long time ago. Also, because VodaHost is extremely great with mountains of features, my future business endeavors are sure to be promising.

Oh, before I forget, the pricing of web hosting with VodaHost is straight forward and there are no hidden charges. This helped me plan my expenses well and I do actually consider most of the features freebies because of the low monthly cost.

Hooray for VodaHost, then, and her web hosting.