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A friend of my daughter’s insisted on an account with the VodaHost web hosting company. He said it had unlimited features and the services were excellent and available at really affordable rates. I didn’t know much about the internet and computers but when I saw my daughter’s excitement, I decided to go ahead with the VodaHost web hosting company. As it turns out, my daughter’s friend was right! VodaHost has marvelous features. Firstly the VodaHost web hosting company provides unlimited domain names, domain registrations and domain transfers. I was at liberty to choose any domain name I liked and they registered it absolutely free for me. The VodaHost web hosting company also gives unlimited email accounts. This enabled the interested readers to communicate with me very easily, and at a different e-mail address for each different genre of book. To my surprise, the VodaHost web hosting company also provided a free website builder called BlueVoda with which I was able to eventually a second create website on my own. It was all so easy.

I was so excited to see visitors on the website. My rare gems (the books) were a hit among viewers worldwide. Everybody wanted to purchase or rent the books from me. The VodaHost web hosting company fulfilled my wishes and gradually, I have learnt some of the inner workings of the internet. The VodaHost web hosting company had made it very easy to operate my website and we’ve also had the assistance of customer support and tech support 24×7 to help me. They were very polite, friendly, reliable and were always there to answer my queries and do away with any of my doubts.

Thanks to the fantastic VodaHost web hosting company, I have been very busy. I’m catering to the demands of the readers. We discuss our thoughts through blogs and discussion forums. I’m discovering new knowledge every day. I’m really enjoying life online.