Great web hosting for less than 10 dollars a month

This year, we decided to sell our small office downtown, and run our private accounting business from home. When my son first mentioned the idea, I honestly thought it was a trick to make us take him to special computer classes or something, but thanks to VodaHost, moving our business on-line was easier than programming the VCR. I am relatively new to computers, and I was afraid on how to create website and putting our business on-lineĀ  would be complicated, but after speaking with the wonderful tech support people at VodaHost, the decision was easy. VodaHost offers a huge selection of professional looking design templates that really simplify the process, and they offer 24-hour customer support so you never have to leave your clients hanging, and they do it all for less than $10 a month. I never have to worry about extended downtime, and that keeps me and my clients happy. I would definitely recommend VodaHost web hosting services to anyone looking for a great web hosting service at a great price.

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