I give VodaHost top score!

I figured when I first came to VodaHost web hosting, that they would try to cut corners some with their customer help people. I do not think that it is the case. In fact, I think they have one of the better customer service lines of anyone.  Reliability is obviously a factor when you are talking about a web hosting company. I feel like they have been reasonably reliable, especially considering things like the cost of their service. The price is right, as the old timey game show used to say. I told you in the opening that I came to VodaHost because of the price. I stand by that, and they price has been awesome since I started.  Setting up an account is pretty easy. It does not take very long and you can get everything done in one swoop. This is a really streamlined process, which I appreciate considering I have a tight time schedule.  VodaHost web hosting is really something else. I give it a top score because they have provided me with the chance to save some cash, while leaning on a really awesome service.

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