I recommend you sign up for web hosting with VodaHost

As someone who builds and sells websites for a living, I need to know that whichever web hosting company I choose, they have my back. Sadly my last such company hampered my business rather than helping it. Building and selling websites is known as flipping websites so which ever web hosting company I use must have a very high uptime on all my accounts.

After strongly disagreeing with the customer service that my last web hosting company gave me, I decided to search for a new one. I came across VodaHost and was impressed with their prices, reviews from existing VodaHost customers and the features that they promised with their cPanel. VodaHost also promised unlimited websites with one VodaHost account which suited me as it meant less cost as well as fewer passwords and user names to manage.

I signed up for a VodaHost account and immediately set about transferring my sites from my old web hosting company. Unfortunately things were not going smoothly and in frustration I sent a ticket off to VodaHost customer support.

Within two hours I had received a reply from VodaHost; I was amazed as with my other web hosting company, I never even received acknowledgment that they had received my complaint. VodaHost soon got me back on track with transferring and setting up my web hosting accounts and within a day everything was in place just as it should be. Having a web hosting account has never been so easy.

Those that don’t understand the business of flipping websites will not understand how important it is to me to have a web hosting company that is reliable, professional and supportive. It is my livelihood and VodaHost have excelled themselves in every one of these requirements.

For anyone out there looking for a web hosting company, I recommend you just sign up with VodaHost without even looking at the other sites. For me it is the best web hosting company and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.