I would recommend VodaHost web hosting to anyone

A few weeks ago I decided to look into designing a website to enhance my growing larger ladies clothing business.  To be frank I wasn’t very up on that sort of thing, and decided to do a little research before I started.

After a few days of researching I was only a little more enlightened then I was before I started, some of the terms and jargon the web hosting companies used were a little confusing for a beginner like me!  I carried on regardless, getting it as to be said – nowhere!
Eventually I stumbled upon a web hosting company called VodaHost and it was like discovering a ray of sunshine in my clouds of gloom.  I didn’t understand everything the VodaHost web hosting package offered, but I did understand the majority of what VodaHost web hosting provided.  Unlike the other web hosting sites I visited VodaHost did make it very clear (in clear English) what you got in you’re package.

I had my doubts but decided to have a go – and hey what do you know – I only managed it!  I am so proud of myself (ha), I designed my web pages – and yeah it took me a while, but I got the hang of it eventually! BlueVoda the free website building tool to create website I got with VodaHost was a great, so was my free domain name, and so was the great price of the package!  My one quibble would be that some of my questions took a little time to be answered, but I was in a rush and really wanted my questions answered very, very, quickly.  So to be fair they probably were no worse and a lot better then most of the web hosting companies on the net.

I have a great website, and I’m really pleased – I would recommend VodaHost to anyone, and will be using the VodaHost package for a long time to come!

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