My two cents about VodaHost web hosting

I am not real experienced with web hosting, but I have read many reviews and some pretty lengthy horror stories. I felt that the service I received from VodaHost warranted a good review. I used their website builder  to create website to get myself started with my online business. I have learned along the way that certain things like unlimited disk space, a user friendly cPanel, email accounts and reliable uptime make all the difference. You can’t keep getting charged for little changes and additions every time you turn around.

Customer support will make or break your success. A business is stressful enough without constant issues with your web host. You pay for that to work correctly, otherwise you’d do it yourself. VodaHost has kept me happy for over a year and still maintains excellent support. It’s not everyday I recommend a web hosting company, but whenever the topic comes up, I always put in my two cents about VodaHost.  I have never had a reason to write a bad review.

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