My VodaHost sites have never gone down!

Being a web developer I’ve worked with several web hosting companies over my 10 year career. My clients would all ask me to use their web hosting companies and just recently I stumbled upon the VodaHost web hosting company that impressed me so much that I transferred all of my personal sites to them. VodaHost throws the unlimited phrase everywhere and this is great for the consumer. For a low price you are offered unlimited web hosting disk space, e-mails, domain names and VodaHost even offer a free domain name registration and transfer so I could move my site over with minimal hassle at zero costs!

The number of features offered in the standard and fairly cheap VodaHost web hosting package is overwhelming. There is an inclusive website builder offered, BlueVoda, that allows you to design and build your own. There are also several tutorials on how to use the software features if you ever wanted additional features for your site. VodaHost also offer an e-commerce website builder, a rarity in web hosting companies and it is very easy to use too! The VodaHost control panel or cPanel is intuitive and again there is a lot of information ready on the site on how to use their features.

Every web hosting company has their own restrictions and the easiest way around this is just by asking the customer support. I had some problems with the payment on my side and I was shocked by the responsiveness of VodaHost customer support. They understood my issue and were very professional about the whole situation and of course were very pleasant and friendly to communicate with. I’ve not had a problem with the VodaHost features that wasn’t already answered in their extensive web hosting knowledge base and if that didn’t help there’d always be the forums and the tech support team to contact. VodaHost promises a 99.9% uptime and I’ve been with them for a few years now and my sites have never gone down!