Nobody should miss out on VodaHost web hosting!

What features do you look for in a web hosting company? Should they be supportive or trouble free or do you want somebody who is professional and yet affordable … also, at what point does it all become too difficult? These are all the questions of someone who is new to web hosting and knows very little or even nothing about website building and web hosting and that person was me! I had all these questions rumbling around in my mind before I began to look online for a web hosting company to upload my website to. I had just recently learned basic html (all by myself!) from a few websites and after days of work I was able to produce a simple website which I had ‘written’ myself. Later I was searching the net for web hosting companies when I came across the VodaHost web hosting company’s website. I read through all the features and details thoroughly and navigated my way round the whole VodaHost website. I decided to give it a try because I liked the look of VodaHost and their web hosting was well within my price range.

I even discovered a VodaHost feature that could help me build a newer, better website and this was the BlueVoda website builder. BlueVoda turned out to be really user-friendly website building software and so much so that I cursed myself a little for spending my precious time learning html when I could have been making my first website without html and with BlueVoda. This is when I had strong desire to make a better website and upload it using web hosting with VodaHost as fast as I could. It only took me about twenty hours or so, from start to finish, to the point where I was able to see my website hosted by VodaHost. It was real easy to upload because it didn’t require much effort on my part. I just paid and then VodaHost did all the rest for me, setting up my web hosting account and sending me all the publishing details I needed. What I loved most about VodaHost was its features, especially the cPanel which was really, really easy to work with; I could easily upload and managed my files using the VodaHost cPanel. You can do most of the work at the touch of a button or two. For a non-technical person like me it is a great VodaHost feature that nobody who is new to web hosting should miss out on.