Reliable yet compatible hosting from VodaHost

There are web hosting companies and there is “a” web hosting company. This is what I learnt as a result of my delving into the internet marketing and website development business that I began two years ago. As evident, I was not too convinced about all companies that offer web hosting services to create website. And, web hosting is crucial and critical to our business. After a lot of recommendations for many bigwigs in the web hosting niche, I have tried them all and almost all of them came good. With almost all their promises most promises that showed me the moon, there was one or the other technical issue that was a problem with them, moreover many of them did not have a customer support to talk about.

This phase ended when one of my friends recommended VodaHost. Once I got on to this web hosting company, I saw that I had no issues whatsoever despite the technical platforms that we use and in addition to that they have an amazing customer support. With emails being replied to within 24 hours, we extended the same courtesy to our clients in addition to recommending the hosting service. Since then our business has grown and it has becomes easier to keep track of our clients instead of wasting time on unproductive tasks like getting in touch with the hosting service for downtime.

We have, all in all had a very good experience with VodaHost web hosting and, we would like to recommend the same to others who are looking for a reliable web hosting service.

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