Ultimate Web Hosting Features

I am Frank Henry and I run a small business, making and printing products. Last year, I decided to expand my business in order to get more customers, by making a website. In this way my website could be accessed for 24 hours a day. I hired an expert to design my website and although it was costly, I was optimistic that I would get greater results. Once my website was made, I hosted it with a cheap web hosting service. However, my website was offline for most of the time and people were not even able to view it- which was very worrisome for me. I tried many other web hosting services and I got the same response until I used VodaHost.

One of my customers had recommended VodaHost to me by saying that, it was not only the cheapest but also the best web hosting service available. I had ignored this cheap web hosting service thinking that, if it was cheap then VodaHost couldn’t be as good as the customer had put it. But all my other options were running out and so, I saw no harm in trying it; and I was completely stunned when discovering all the features that were provided by VodaHost, at a very low price. I was absolutely shocked. I went through the customer reviews to find out about the up-time percentage and I learned that even though it was a cheap web hosting service, VodaHost provided it’s customers with 99.9% up-time.

This best web hosting service is an amazing package as it enables me to make unlimited data transfers without any problem and the disk space is also unlimited. I could make countless matching email accounts as there are no restrictions. Unlimited domain names are allowed and, VodaHost would register unlimited sub domains and names on my behalf. Being the best web hosting service, VodaHost also allows it’s customers to host as many websites as they want, with a solo account. The high point was that, all of this could be availed at a monthly cost of just $7.95 which is very reasonable. There are no hidden fees or any scary investments to be made, making it a cheap web hosting service as well.

Even though I had used an expert to design my website, I used the BlueVoda website builder which is offered by VodaHost for free. With it, I was able to design a better and savvier website that was bound to bring me customers. This cheap web hosting service also came along with affiliate software which is again, a huge advantage. In case of any technical difficulties which could affect the up-time or the smooth running of your website, you can turn to the customer support VodaHost offers which is available 24/7. Tutorials are also provided to aid people in setting up and dealing with any minor glitches they may encounter. It is therefore the best web hosting service, as it covers all aspects.

With VodaHost, my business not only expanded- it absolutely boomed! And for me it is the only best web hosting service worth my money and time. I will gladly recommend others to use it too.