Use VodaHost and you’ll never look back

I am the proud owner of 12 sites. I tried various web hosting companies ‘till the day I got to VodaHost. The main features that I scour for in terms of web hosting are up-time and indeed the customer support they offer.

For my social networking site, which is my main concern, I needed to have web hosting that could provide me with unlimited SQL Database support so as to avoid any problem in managing the associated accounts. Previously I was using web hosting that provided me with limited SQL support and with an increasing number of users, the need of a larger database and higher speed of server arose. I decided to look for web hosting elsewhere and I found VodaHost and they’re providing me unlimited mySQL support along with the 99% uptime and a friendly customer support. VodaHost has also provided me the facility to use multiple domains on one account which is savin’ me a heap.

The cPanel options are real important too; I was looking for web hosting that could provide me with Drupal and Joomla so that I could handle my sites easily, and luckily I found them with VodaHost and now am using Joomla to handle my sites.

For the tech forum that I’ve been running, I needed fast web hosting with PhpBB support so that I could carry on with my forum. I was quiet impressed the VodaHost cPanel comes with pre-installed PhpBB support. The FTP, CGI and PHP support helped me a lot in maintaining my sites. I found a predefined blog option in the cPanel which has made it really easy for me to add a blog to my tech-forum.

Since it’s kinda “all here under one roof”, I have now decided to transfer all my domains to VodaHost to avoid any further problems. For all you out there lookin’ for a really good web hosting company, give VodaHost a try. I don’t think you’ll turn back.