VodaHost are great web hosting people!

I wanted to tell my experience to other people who are looking to get a decent web host for hosting their websites. I am an eBay power seller that also has a blog on BlogSpot. I wanted to create another un-connected site that promotes and reviews my products (I sell T-shirts, cups, mugs, key chains, and jewelry) AND my friends’ products too.

I hired a web designer here in Modesto, CA. He was able to give me a well-designed 10-page site and a design for my blog.  After create website, now all I wanted was a good web host to host my site with. I read some reviews about VodaHost and decided to try them out.

I found that they have a great annual deal for hosting which works out to under ten bucks a month. I also registered my domain name with them (Free domain registration is included in the annual package).

I know many hosting providers soon disappear from the market, and I cannot count on their support. But VodaHost are reliable people with years of experience in the field. I needed good and fast technical support too, so I decided to choose VodaHost. My advice to you if you are looking for something similar: try VodaHost!

Actually I had my site files on my USB pen drive and I uploaded them to the VodaHost and then I misplaced my pen drive somewhere. Then I asked for their support to email me the website files and they let me know how I could access the files already uploaded through FTP and it worked fine for me.

My overall experience with VodaHost has been positive and I would recommend them to my friends and contacts. I have more upcoming websites to be hosted and I will be hosting them also with VodaHost!

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