VodaHost has more than exceeded my expectations

I changed my web hosting to Vodahost because of constant problems from my previous web hosting company. One day I received an email from my old host to say that their system had a bug and I would not be able to access my emails. This continued for two days and I lost customers from my real estate business that rightly so expected an answer within 24 hours. Straight away I went to Google to look for a web hosting company, I found  Vodahost and signed up with them.

I have been with Vodahost now for little over six months and can honestly say they produce  reliable and dependable web hosting. Vodahost has good  uptime and the extra features that came free with their web hosting plan meant I could  update my web site to the same standards as my competition. I have plans to launch another website and I can do this for free with the current web hosting account that I have with Vodahost.

The Cpanel that comes with my Vodahost web hosting account means I have daily stats to see where my visitors are coming from. This has eliminated the need for Google API and I prefer it as my emails, stats and website are all easily controlled from one place. Carrying out the maintenance on my website is easy with Vodahost because if I have any questions I just refer to their online help section on web hosting which so far has answered every query I have had.

When it comes to a web hosting company then I have no hesitation in recommending Vodahost. Their customer support team is professional but friendly at the same time. I hate talking to someone who is the equivalent of a robot and can not answer my questions in a straight forward way. Vodahost has more than exceeded my expectations of what I want to receive from a web hosting company, and I say to everyone to go with Vodahost if you want a top-notch company to deal with your online business.