VodaHost is a great hosting service.

When Istarted to create website, I was shopping around for the best deal and the right package. I also did not want to run into incompatibility issues with Dreamweaver and any of the shopping carts I planned on using. The VodaHost offered everything I needed and more.
VodaHost web hosting is a great hosting service. The prices are extremely better than Go daddy and you get twice the disk space, free domain and registration, and VodaHost supports many programming languages. I was able to make my websites, exactly the way I wanted.
The responsive uptime and delivery on the website was easy and I did not have to deal with a lot of hassles. On the rare occasion I did run into some issues, but VodaHost’s customer Service guided me through it. I also have used the support forum offered, by the webhost.
The support forum gives guidance on issues that VodaHost customers have, in relatively real time. I am so impressed with the responsive, reliable and yes, really professional VodaHost support staff. The web hosting on the account also has allowed me to use different shopping carts and merchant accounts on my websites.
I can choose whom I want to have send and receive money for me. This is also good if you have a number of sites and you want to be able to sell to any consumer. I have really been able to increase my traffic, due to the reliable nature of my sites.
Being so familiar with using web hosts and how they function, it has allowed me the ability to know when I am getting screwed. The reliable VodaHost has eliminated any qualms I have ever had, for web host companies. This has been an awesome experience and I have even started using the BlueVoda website builder, as well.

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