VodaHost is completely secure and reliable

I had started an online business where my customers were given the option to make payments online and since numerous online frauds have been highlighted in the media recently, I really wasn’t sure how my clients would react to my offer of online payments and I equally, I must admit, before I signed up for web hosting with VodaHost that, I was a bit hesitant as well.
I felt that, for their sake and mine, I should search for a web hosting service that would be really secure in terms of online transactions. I found the VodaHost web hosting company and in its web hosting features it promised full security against viruses and spam and came with SSL encryption. The price offered by web hosting company VodaHost was also really affordable. In order to announce that transactions made at my site are 100% safe, I had to make sure that the web hosting service with VodaHost was one on which I could rely. VodaHost was very vocal of its security features when I asked about it. I can’t find anything negative to say about security and that was something positive for my requirements. With little apprehension now I applied for web hosting services with VodaHost. In time I also found that the VodaHost customer service was really pleasant. All along my journey with VodaHost web hosting I have had a good experience. Haven’t experienced any downtime, no security lapses, everything with VodaHost has worked, thus far.
I had few initial web hosting problems with my site but with the fairly prompt responses from the customer service of VodaHost I got them sorted. Once the website was up, I had almost no trouble in carrying on with my business; business as usual. My customers haven’t complained of my website not being accessible or badly formatted, and they seem to enjoy the benefit of paying for things online. I have been recommending web hosting with these guys to all my friends, relatives and colleagues.