VodaHost is great company with great service!

I hate reading testimonials because they all sound like the company paid the person to write them,… NOT in my case !

I tried 3 or 4 website building software programs, but I could not do what I wanted with them: BlueVoda website builder is very user friendly, it is very easy to work. The tutorial videos are very informative and easy to follow and help a lot. I am no web design expert, but I found I could create a very good looking website with BlueVoda.

As I had my domain name prior to using BlueVoda, I was reluctant to pay for a second hosting company, namely VodaHost, but, the first company has turned out to be customer unfriendly !! In dealing with VodaHost web hosting, I realize that they are there to help the customer be successful and to sort out problems. In comparison to my original hosts, VodaHost is far far better. They are friendlier and have a very fast turnaround time when you ask for help. They sound professional and seem very able to help.

I am very happy with the software and what I have produced, I am with the hosting package. It is ideal for me with a small business. I can fully recommend VodaHost to anyone.

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