VodaHost is the ANSWER!!!!!

For over two years I have been searching the web with a few intentions:

1. Find the best resources of information that ignite action within me and bring clarity and definition to my ideas and goals.
2. Observe trends of many leading websites, solutions providers, and software developer communities as well as their future releases and projects and how they display or distribute their information to world.
3. Sites where the answer that I was LOOKING for is RIGHT THERE!!! BAM!!
And finally,

4. Hosting Providers w/FREE website builder that offer LOW COST but MAX OPTIONS services that I CAN ACTUALLY USE without going “HUH, WHUH???” everyday causing me to repeat 1-3 on a weekly basis.

Earlier last year, I started working online designing pages for specific products and services, basically marketing them. Being a graphic designer with advertising/marketing background, I was very picky about what tools and services I would look for to compliment my creative style and the way I process information to solve a problem. Also, at the time, I was very broke. It was about May, I think, when I found a link to BlueVoda’s website builder page. Now, ask ANYONE that knows me.. I don’t buy into anything no matter how attractive the offer! But by the time that video was over……..

My eyes were locked wide open, jaw dropped to the floor, my heart rate shot through the roof and I said, “OH, MY, GOD!” This is for ME. This is 100%, absolutely with out a doubt what I have been looking for.

VodaHost, the moment I’ve downloaded BlueVoda and opened a VodaHost account, I knew I was finally home. VodaHost feels like a family, even though I have been somewhat quiet in the forums and such, I’m still around and I try to check in from time to time. VodaHost ROCKS! .

VodaHost is the ANSWER!!!!!

I see great things in your future VodaHost!

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