VodaHost made transitioning easy.

I have been with VodaHost web hsoting for just over 3 years, I am a web designer and have about 60 customers. I do everything from setting up e-mail, hosting, designing – you name it. I use them for all my customers because they are very reliable and have the best prices out there. My reputation has grown to be great mainly because of them. If it wasn’t for them, my company would be in trouble. All the websites I have with them run very smoothly and the technology has made me a Very Happy Customer!

I needed to change my web hosting service. I also have several clients that will be needing web hosting services in the near future. I made the decision to research the ideal company for my needs and my clients needs. Using the Internet I checked on many hosting services, looking closely at the ratings by current and former users. My investigation led me to VodaHost. All of my research showed that they offered the options that I needed at an affordable price. Everyone, including their website, said that they offered exceptional service and support. I made my decision and began the task of setting up my new hosting service with the options that I needed. I also began transferring my current business website and two recreational websites over to the new service. Because I didn’t plan it better, I made some mistakes that caused problems with my service. Frustrated, I began communicating with there support staff via their support ticket email service. What I found was surprising. Not only did there staff offer fast response time, but they truly knew what they were doing and could assist me in solving my problems. The problems weren’t easy, and my lack of experience in using a web hosting service didn’t help things, but your staff worked through it and within a short period of time they had everything running smoothly.

They were also able to direct me to several well designed tutorials that detailed the tasks I was working with. The tutorials are done in simple, easy to understand language, and yet contained all of the information that I needed to get the job done. In short, VodaHost web hositng and there staff have made a believer out of me. I have over 25 years working in the micro computer industry. I have dealt with many different companies, trying to solve many different problems. VodaHost rates at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. Thanks for making this transition so easy!

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