VodaHost web hosting is the true superstar!

How can I forget VodaHost web hosting Company which has helped me earn the prestigious title of “superstar”? I was studying filmmaking with three of my friends and we are all very talented individuals (our friends and teachers said so, anyway). One day I decided that we should make our own film in our own time and after much thought and hard work, we had produced a short suspense thriller. Alas, these days a good film alone is no absolute guarantee of success; the promotion of the film must be great as well. I myself planned a strategy to sell merchandise (at a very low cost) related with the film before its release. T-Shirts, chains, pendants and posters etc. because I felt these would make the film popular abound the quad. We tried to sell and/or present the merchandise everywhere but there was no response from the folk around us (including our film college – filmmakers can be quite pretentious it seems). I decided that we should turn to plan B: the internet. We now needed a website for the film and even before that we wanted a web hosting account to get the website up, live, on the internet.

We searched through many web hosting companies but in every instance something-or-the other was missing. I even had a small tiff with my friends as they thought I was behaving like a boss and rejecting all their proposals but I only wanted the best for our film and I think they understood that. Then I found VodaHost and I was truly ecstatic! I shared the amazing features of the VodaHost web hosting company with my friends and even they were thrilled with it too and apologized to me for earlier.

The VodaHost web hosting company provides unlimited domain name hosting, domain registrations and domain name transfers. We could choose the domain name corresponding to our film and VodaHost would register it for our website free of cost for a year. Another very cool thing was that this web hosting company provides unlimited websites for every domain name you have registered and you only need to pay for one web hosting account. Without much thought we immediately ordered the VodaHost web hosting account. We displayed the merchandise on our website (which, incidentally, was created by us thanks to the VodaHost web hosting company’s free website maker, BlueVoda, to create your own website with.

VodaHost also provides unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfers which was great for uploading the trailer video and other video clips. They also provide unlimited email accounts, shopping carts as well as merchant accounts. This has meant that we could bring the film to more and more people. As hoped the merchandise caught the fancy of students at our college. We actually had healthy sales as well as the expectations for our movie.

The customer support and tech support was available to help us 24×7 incase of problems on our website. They were very polite and friendly in their approach. After setting up our website we never really had any significant problems.

When the film was released, it was very well accepted by the people who saw it and the lecturers (critics) also appreciated the fact that we could have made such a good film in our own time, off our own backs. My friends and my teachers praised me (this is where the superstar moniker comes in) but I knew the VodaHost web hosting company is deserving of praise for this too. Truly, VodaHost is a superstar too!