Economic Web Hosting Service

Its Steve here, I work in an internet marketing company as a sales manager. A few days ago, as I was going through the company’s official records, I saw the name of a woman who got a great reputation in the blogging world and she is now famous all over the ‘blogosphere’. After some thought, I also had the bright idea of having my own such website and blog. Maybe I too can make some money from it. So I contacted my friend, who use to be a web developer in our company and asked him to create a website for me. He built a website for me and I then bought a web hosting account and began using it.

The whole plan came crashing down when the web hosts started creating all sorts of problems. When I first signed up, I was told that I would have to pay an amount for the domain per month; but when the bill came, it turned out to be a three month bill. After that first hiccup, the site started being really slow and down all the time. So I finally asked a friend of mine which the best web hosting company was. He told me about a very cheap web hosting company called VodaHost. Since I was new in this field and didn’t actually know anything about the best web hosting, I simply just went for it, and my friend was right. It was really cheap web hosting compared to my previous host.

VodaHost is most likely the greatest web host in the arena and it is the least expensive of all. When I started using VodaHost, I found that it was not only cheap web hosting in terms of price but it was also the best web hosting. The main issue that I faced with my previous web hosting provider was that it was very slow. Thankfully, to this day, VodaHost is really fast no matter how heavy your content is. Because VodaHost is a very cheap web hosting provider, I was expecting some hidden charges, but this company is not like the others. The other companies were constantly trying to prove that they offered the best web hosting but I already had the best web hosting service from VodaHost. After working on my site for a while, I found that the up-time of the servers is really 99.9% just as VodaHost claims! To be honest, VodaHost proved to be the best providers of them all. Not only is it cheap web hosting but it is also perfect when it comes to the server up-time, the speed of the server and the overall performance.

I have been with VodaHost for nearly six months now and there has been no server downtime or slowing down. I recommend VodaHost to all my family, friends and colleagues. It is the only web hosting site that can do you justice with your site and can provide you with the services that you need.