Web Hosting Package With Advanced Features

I am Ava and I am a fashion designer with shops in various corners of the world. Fashion designing is a very competitive business and people have to keep up, in order to remain in the market. In this context, I would like to reveal that I got access to the overseas markets mainly because of VodaHost. This is the best web hosting service provider one can find and I was lucky enough to have come across it.

At that time, the use of the internet for businesses was becoming common and online businesses were gaining popularity; so I designed my own website and decided to go online too. I was looking for a cheap web hosting service and that’s when I came across VodaHost. Generally, people do not expect much from a cheap web hosting service and my expectations were also very low; but I was in for a surprise. VodaHost offered a package which was loaded with so many features that I could only gape. I thought it would be a problem dealing with all these features, as I had no knowledge of HTML language. But I came across tutorials that could guide me in the setting up of my website and to take full advantage of this best web hosting service.

In order to prosper and expand, what my business needed was exposure, which was possible only with a high up-time. VodaHost offers 99% up-time at a very low price. Being the best web hosting service provider, people can expect speed, reliability and quality from VodaHost. The probability of downtime is very low as it has its own backup system, which comes into operation in case of any technical problem. To work out faults and maintenance problems, VodaHost has its own experts. I consider it to be a cheap web hosting service as it provides a multitude of features at a very reasonable price of $7.95 a month; and there are no other legalities involved, which enables people to cancel the service if unsatisfied.

Numerous features offered by VodaHost include unlimited monthly data transfers and plenty of disk space. With a single account, people can host multiple websites which makes it cost efficient and thus, it is a cheap web hosting program. Registering domains is simple. And people can register as many as they desire. VodaHost has the added features of merchant account and e-cart options which make it even more appealing. It also gives audio and video support and can also handle different software’s- which are huge plus points and contribute to making it the best web hosting service.

High quality service is provided by VodaHost to it’s customers, in order to maintain it’s label of being the best web hosting service provider. People have the option of making their own forums and blogs and this cheap web hosting service also has PHP built in support. It provides people with access to unlimited MySQL databases. VodaHost has become the ultimate choice for everyone who wishes to make a presence on the internet. So you can go ahead without reservation and try it!