Fantastic and Inexpensive Web Hosting Choice

It’s hard to find a web host that provides services that are state-of-the-art, easy to use, and that don’t drain your wallet. VodaHost, however, is not only cheap web hosting; it’s the best web hosting. Whether you’re looking to make a personal site for your family, a personal blog, or set up a web presence for your business, they have a hosting plan that’s guaranteed to fit your needs.

Though VodaHost is the best web hosting provider for advanced web users, getting started isn’t difficult, either. Unlike other cheap web hosting providers, not knowing a lot about HTML, CSS, Javascript, or other coding skills is never a problem, because VodaHost offers easy-to-follow tutorials. There is also an amazingly simple to use Website Builder called BlueVoda which makes setting up a slick, professional-looking website an absolute breeze. BlueVoda is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor, so there are never any unpleasant surprises between setting your site up, and publishing on the net. Absolutely anyone, at any skill level, can make the website of their dreams.

Because VodaHost is one of the most accommodating  best web hosting providers out there, you can even install Joomla!, WordPress, soholaunch, and phpBB with one click, making it really simple to add many different layers of functionality to your site. The one-click installation of WordPress is especially great for website builders who want to be able to host a blog and a fully-functional site on the same hosting provider, without having to constantly switch back and forth from the WordPress website and their main host to update blog and site content.

As if that weren’t enough, VodaHost also offers the hands-down best web hosting customer support. Even if, after the tutorials and website builders, you run into problems with your new site, VodaHost’s stellar customer support can help you fix things in no time. They’re truly the best web hosting support; they reply promptly, and actually offer genuine advice that pertains to the problem you‘re having, not just a form letter saying they’ll “check into it” like some other hosting services. They also offer a thriving forum community dedicated to helping new users get the hang of things, so you can quickly benefit from the experiences of other VodaHost users that have been around a bit longer. There’s even a “Wish List & Idea Bin” for existing customers to suggest new items for VodaHost to add in the future. Best of all, their support is free, making this truly top-of-the-line cheap web hosting without having to sacrifice any amenities.

If the award-winning editor and fantastic support network weren’t enough to make VodaHost a great decision for novices or advanced users, they also offer really cheap web hosting. At only $7.95 a month for unlimited disk space, great customer support, and a fantastic page editor, you’d be hard pressed to find better cheap web hosting anywhere else! If you’re currently hosting your site elsewhere, or are considering starting up a new one, VodaHost is a fantastic and inexpensive choice.