Get Unbelievable Features with VodaHost

Owning a restaurant is hard work. My name is Shelby and I have had my restaurant for about six years now. After the death of my husband- who was also my business partner, my business turned from bad to worse. I was even contemplating filing for bankruptcy.

But before giving up all hope I decided to create a website for my restaurant, after listening to my daughter, Rebecca’s advice. Nevertheless, it turned out to be easier said than done. The first web hosting company I chose to sign up with proved to be a disaster (and its advertisement claimed it to be the best web hosting company!). My website, which was hosted by this company, was down within a matter of a week. In addition to this, all my distressed calls to their customer service desk were left unanswered. And when they did answer, they said it was only a small technical fault and assured that my website would be back online within 5 hours. To my great horror the 5 hours turned into 5 days and still I received no service.

I was completely frustrated and dejected; still I decided to give it one more try, upon the kind advice from a friend who was in the website business. I turned to a cheap web hosting company called VodaHost. Thankfully, it was the best advice I had got in years. It turned out to be the best web hosting company; everything went so smoothly. It was a dream that came true for me.

My restaurant’s website was seamlessly uploaded to the VodaHost’ s state of the art- Dell PowerEdge servers. VodaHost, at such a cheap web hosting price, offered me unlimited uploads and download data; this implies that if your website becomes very popular with the customers and even if the internet traffic increases  substantially, you are still completely covered by it’s service. At a price of only 7.95 $ a month, VodaHost gives the other ‘so called cheap web hosting services’- a run for their money. VodaHost offers easy integration of the new age protocols and services like PHP, MySQL, Perl, Joomla etc. It also offers an unlimited database support.

Another thing which really worked for me was VodaHost`s video tutorials of step by step instructions. I could even submit a support ticket and ask an expert to have a look at my site and give me artistic advice on the look of my website. This best web hosting company offered me multiple shopping carts for my website which means that now I could even sell recipes and other restaurant memorabilia, online. VodaHost’s support for blogs, CMSs etc., turned out to be a real treat- as now my customers could even make online comments on the blogs on my restaurant’s website.
VodaHost offers one so much that sometimes, it becomes hard to believe that it is a cheap web hosting service.   All my initial apprehensions about the websites have disappeared completely. And now I love to experiment with the services offered by VodaHost. This best web hosting company also provides me with regular updates of their new age services.

All my efforts paid off due to this company and now my business is booming! I am even thinking of opening another restaurant in the city.  I hope my experience with VodaHost proves to you that, it is the best web hosting company at a fantastic cheap web hosting price.