Go VodaHost!!

This website hosting service is awesome, and the BlueVoda website building software was so easy to use and enabled me to create website, I’ll never go back home to daddy!
Several months back, I saw a commercial about how easy it was to have your own website to promote whatever, and about how anybody could do it, so of course I decided that my band needed a killer web page. I took pictures of a show we did in town, and printed the schedule for the next three months, and went to a local web design company for help setting up my web page. They must have seen me coming from a mile away, and I took it, hook, line and sinker! After paying a fortune to let someone else design my not so killer web page, I had to find someone else to publish it to the web. Maybe I was naïve, or maybe I just got duped! I went with a mid-grade hosting service that supposedly had decent reviews, but it was terrible! After almost a year of paying for second-rate web hosting services, and a site with only 60% uptime, I decided it was high time to leave daddy in the dust and try something new.
That’s when I stumbled across VodaHost! Best trip I’d had in months! VodaHost had all the tools I needed to set up an effective website, and they even gave me free software to design the web page myself! My band and I have officially been trusting our web hosting needs exclusively to VodaHost for about 3-months now, and it has been great. Not only was it free to design my page, but the multiple payment option allows us to pay for our web hosting the way that suits us best. VodaHost gives us options both creatively and financially, and when you’re trying to manage a band, those things rock!

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