I stayed in charge with VodaHost!

When I first began searching for someone to host my website, I was a little overwhelmed at everybody who was out there trying to sell me their product. VodaHost seemed different. They seemed clear-cut, and concise in their presentation and so I decided to give them a try. To begin with, these tutorials that VodaHost offers are so easy to follow, and the narrator uses a clear, sharp voice. I didn’t feel like I was in some sort of a footrace trying to keep up.  I also couldn’t believe how friendly and attentive their customer support was.

We all like to have our wishes taken into consideration when it comes to our own website! And this is how VodaHost treats me, like I do have some intelligence. They are considerate of my wants and needs when create website, but they guided me, showing me where I could make positive adjustments. So, not only was I being helped, but I also felt like I was still in charge.

Unlike some webhosts out there trying to feign that they really are “helping” you (unable to do so because of the trillions of clients they supposedly have in a file thirteen way back in a mothball-smelling computer dinosaur), VodaHost actually does what it vouches to do.  When I found myself in a glitch–computers aren’t the only ones with these–VodaHost was there to help. They attended to my issues, offering solutions to my situation. VodaHost has kept their word.

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