Recommend VodaHost for Beginners and professionals!

When I first heard about BlueVoda which assists to create website, I was a bit skeptical about its claims. When I downloaded and tried the software, to my surprise it really delivered. That is when I decided to host my site with the VodaHost web hosting service. Getting my site up and running was easy and any queries I had were immediately taken care of by customer support. One of the main things I look for in a web host is good tech support, and I was happy to find friendly and responsive people at VodaHost.

I have many websites and wanted a host that would allow me to host all of them using a single web hosting account. This was an issue with many other hosting services. But VodaHost on the other hand, allowed me to host an unlimited number of websites with just a single account which really blew my mind. Moreover they provide unlimited space and bandwidth which was something I really needed. And the great price for which they offer this web hosting service was too much of a temptation to resist.

My sites are designed with Web 2.0 features in mind. I use WordPress for my Blogs and phpBB for my forums. It was imperative that my web host be able to support these technologies. Here again VodaHost did a good job by completely supporting these and other third party programs. With each need being adequately met one after the other; my confidence with VodaHost has really grown. It has given me room to incorporate all my existing programs within the website and I know that it has room to accommodate more for my future needs as well.

I would recommend VodaHost for both beginners and professionals alike. The interface is so intuitive that novices would find it surprisingly easy to use, but at the same time packed with features that every professional would dream of in a web hosting service.

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