I switched to the best service – VodaHost!

Finding a reliable cheap web hosting company is probably the most important aspect of launching a website. Though I always believed the content is the most important aspect. In fact it is but the fact that reliable web hosting is not something that common it is of immense importance to get that part settled first.

I have been working with some of the so called highly publicized best web hosting companies for the last couple of years. However reliability and peace of mind is something that these best web hosting companies have failed to give me. I maintain several websites on travel and all of them have decent amount of traffic every month. But these so called best web hosting companies have let me down with their server downtime and intermittent outages which lead to my traffic going down.

I was on the lookout for a reliable and yet cheap web hosting company which is going to give me the assurance that my site will not go down at the slightest pretext. Some one referred me VodaHost with the recommendation that it is the best web hosting company so far in his experience. I decided to give VodaHost a look and find out more about them. The first thing I liked about VodaHost is that it gives the assurance of unlimited data transfer and unlimited storage. I cannot over emphasis the fact how important are these two for me. My previous experiences regarding these two aspects are very bitter. VodaHost also offers free domain name transfer which I did because of the impressive service they offered me for the first three months of association. I simply decided to pull all of my services at one place for easy management and the sheer quality of service that I received from VodaHost. A few of my domains were price sensitive that means I could not afford to have some premier services like multiple email accounts etc for them as they were still fledgling and did not make a lot of money for me yet. But transferring my domain and hosting to VodaHost allowed me to avail of the unlimited matching email accounts service from them. Now I can have as many matching email as I want for all my websites and at a reasonable cost as well.

VodaHost offers most shopping carts and merchant accounts and as such some of my travel sites selling packages were easily migrated with no additional integration or work needed. My previous cheap web hosting company not only did not have the major merchant accounts but also did not support some of the popular shopping carts around. Thus it was considerable pain for me to accommodate alternate shopping carts.

Apart from this VodaHost offers a great site builder named BlueVoda which is by far the most creative site builder I have used. I have already created  new websites using the free templates that they have plus plan to have some additional specialized destination websites up an running shortly. This saves me additional money for designing and programming a new website.

VodaHost though by pricing can be compared to a cheap web hosting but there are in no way comparable to the service offered by these cheap web hosting companies. VodaHost by far is the best web hosting service that I have ever used.