VodaHost has a great customer support team

I came across VodaHost when I needed to set up a website for my own business. A marketing expert told me that the best way to gain loyalty and returning customers was to have my own website. I had basic knowledge of how to build a website but I also needed to find the best web hosting service. Cost was not an issue but I considered it a bonus if they were also a cheap web hosting service.

There were so many companies that were eager for my business including VodaHost. The problem was that with no previous knowledge or experience of who was the best web hosting service, I really did not know who to choose.

I found a web hosting review site and two of the criteria that they used was best web hosting service and cheap web hosting provider. VodaHost rated highly in both of these so I decided to sign up for their yearly plan.

Setting up the account with VodaHost was straight forward and within minutes, I had my account open in front of me. Even though, I had basic knowledge of websites, this would be the first time that I actually uploaded my own site. Then I discovered the reason why VodaHost was rated as one of the best web hosting companies and that was because they gave in depth, step-by-step tutorials on how to upload your site.

Using the control panel of my VodaHost account was easy as well. Things like setting up the FTP manager were easy to do and I was also able to add on a couple of extras that I needed such as a comment guest book so that customers could ask me questions or give feedback on their visit to my business.

You would imagine that a cheap web hosting service would not offer a wide range of facilities but VodaHost does. I also wanted to give readers the chance to receive a free e-book once they entered their name onto my mailing list. Within ten clicks of the mouse, this was all done thanks to the original way that VodaHost is making it easy for anyone to get on the World Wide Web.

One of the biggest bonuses for me was that there was unlimited data transfer included in the package. Now you may think that a small website should not think about this however it is an issue. One of my friends had a spike in traffic after he was mentioned in the local paper and the cheap web hosting service cut off his account. So people were arriving at his site and it was not available. By using VodaHost, I was satisfied that this was not going to happen.

Another bonus of VodaHost is the support available. They have a great customer service desk and forums where you can speak to other users. I suppose this is one of the reasons why they have won many awards as the best web hosting company on the net. It just amazes me that at the same time, they can also call themselves a cheap web hosting company considering the mass of services they offer.