Once you’re with VodaHost , what else do you need?

I work in a software house and I have come across a lot of web hosting companies.

I was introduced to VodaHost as a web hosting company, though I had already heard about the BlueVoda, when I recently got a short project from a customer to change the theme of his site that was using VodaHost as its web host. I worked on that site for some time and I really liked the user friendly cPanel of VodaHost. As our boss always says “a web hosting company is known by the Cpanel they keep.” It was quite an impressive first experience. The main thing to notice is that the VodaHost cPanel comes with Joomla and Drupal support, which make it really easy for a professional like me to work with that web hosting company. After that I’ve decided to use VodaHost as my future web hosting company.

Now I manage a number of sites in VodaHost, using multiple sites on single account is an additional and a feature of VodaHost worth appraising and it’s a really nice experience to use them as a web host; The high speed, the close-to-full uptime of the server as is claimed by Voda host, leaves no space for any complaints and that’s what’s needed in a good web hosting company. I’ve worked with sites hosted with various web hosting companies and I’ve often had to face complaints from customers regarding their site being down, or slow to load or the error messages that pop up and won’t go away but since I’ve been using VodaHost as a permanent web host in my software house the complaints have reduced drastically.

When I’m in contact with the tech support people of VodaHost I always get a very positive reply from the support center unlike some other web hosting companies I’ve dealt with. The VodaHost assistance forum is also worth mentioning due to its professional board. And now I even refer my customers to the VodaHost assistance forum to have their general and minor questions regarding VodaHost web hosting solved.

I’ve been using Yahoo hosting for some of my customers and with their limited web space and limited bandwidth, I now realized that I was paying much more than what that web hosting company was providing me. Using the $7ish package of VodaHost, I am getting unlimited web space along with unlimited bandwidth and all that’s with a very high speed server. What else do you really need in a web hosting company?

It’s the perfect choice for me and all my clients.