VodaHost is the home of unlimited!

I had my business site hosted with a web hosting company that was claiming to provide unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth but when I started using it, I started having some problems. After a few months as my customers were increasing in number, I started getting messages like: ‘bandwidth exceeded’ etc. My site was mounting beyond the limits of my former web hosting company and I, of course, had no other choice than to change from that web hosting company as I couldn’t let my customers go just because of a weak web hosting company. After a bit of research for new web hosting providers I found VodaHost and it didn’t took me long to bring my sites to VodaHost.
The first thing I would love to mention about VodaHost is the word “Unlimited”, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, and unlimited domains and so on. And all these “unlimited’s” live on high speed servers with the guarantee of 24×7 uptime. What else do you need in a web hosting company!
Full access to the settings is given to the admin to create simplicity for you in customizing your site. One other thing that’s fascinating about VodaHost is the VodaHost support service; you can get typical support along with the VodaHost assistance forum that has some 90k plus members. I had a few queries in the beginning when I shifted to VodaHost but the assistance forum helped me in solving all the questions that I had.
Due to the availability of an unlimited SQL support in VodaHost the database isn’t a problem any more for me and neither will I need to change my web hosting due to the growing number of my site customers.
The Control Panel of VodaHost is pretty good and really user friendly too. My overall experience with VodaHost has been faultless thus-far and I haven’t had any big problems except for the few queries that I got solved from the VodaHost support forum.
I will simply recommend VodaHost to be efficient enough to be chosen as web host for all business and general sites.