The answer is simple VodaHost

Million dollar question, but the answer is simple – VodaHost. I will tell you why. As a programmer, I have a lot of experience in many technical platforms such as ASP, PHP and others. With over 100 websites and web applications under my belt, it is a fact that I have tried a lot of web hosting companies for varied needs of my customers. For the fist three years, I have been through hell, trying out web hosting companies and a lot of clients calling me in the middle of the night to tell me that their website was down.

Most of the hosting companies had no customer support to speak of and even if they had one, they responded in weeks, meanwhile, you can imagine how the client would be o my back to get the website up..! This dilemma was giving me nightmares until I stumbled upon VodaHost web hosting company. To be honest, I thought this was another one that I could try for one of my existing clients.

Over the last two years and after hosting around 30 websites with VodaHost, I figure that it is the best web hosting company that I ever came across. The customer support has not been an issue with me or my clients. That I guess, speaks volumes for what VodaHost offers in the form of reliability.

Although I am not responsible for my client’s web hosting, I do have the moral obligation to suggest the right one to them. Today, I blindly suggest VodaHost; I know that I will never regret it. Create website and hosting at $7.99 a month and unlimited possibilities, none of my clients have yet either..!

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