VodaHost service is professional and polite

Let’s face it. To create website is no walk in the park especially for moms like me who thinks HTML language is Greek and computer programs are only for people with a Mensa IQ of 130 plus.  But I needed a website where I could sell my homemade baby products and reach a wider market. The previous web hosting companies I worked for before were a complete failure. They were all promises and remained just that—promises, and nothing more.

First, you are entertained by the friendly VodaHost customer support staff who are not only professional, they were likewise polite and very accommodating. They sure knew what they were doing. VodaHost made the transition from my previous web host to theirs an easy and stress-free one. You will never ask for anything more when it comes to web hosting and its server reliability and uptime. The VodaHost people will get your site running in no time and all the time. And yes, you don’t have to worry about screwing up anything in your site, their ever-reliable tech support team sets them apart from the rest.

And the BlueVoda website builder was the answer to my prayers. Can you believe I was able to put up my site in 5 days? Yes, you heard it right. Me who had literally zero knowledge and know-how in web designing was able to create my own website in less than a week. Even my own husband couldn’t believe that I made the site myself. It was more than I imagined my baby site to be. All the stuff that were needed for my visitors to easily navigate the site were there—buttons, forms, even the protected pages were not a problem at all.

And don’t forget the price, darling. At $7.95 per month, VodaHost is way beyond their other web hosting competitors. They provide worry-free, inexpensive web hosting, VodaHost is absolutely second to none in my book!

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