There’s no looking back when you take up web hosting with VodaHost

I have immense regard for the VodaHost web hosting company as they practically saved me from financial destruction. I had a restaurant which unfortunately failed and on the advice of my friends, who said that there was a good demand for perfumes on the market and that it would be the key to success, put all my available funds towards purchasing a stock of perfumes. Just as everything looked to be going fine, destiny decided otherwise. My new shop became tangled in legal issues that didn’t really even have anything to do with my business but it was still closed by the authorities. I was shocked and I was sure any idea of a healthy business life was finished. I had put every penny into my business and I couldn’t even afford a new store to sell my merchandise from. I tried going shop to shop to sell the perfumes but in vain; there seemed to be no hope. It was one of my faithful customers who advised that I sell my perfumes via the internet. He said he would help me out with a website but first we must search for a web hosting account to get the website live on the internet.

My faithful customer promised to help me out until my problems were over. He taught me the basics about websites and the internet and one day he suddenly looked very happy. When I asked, he said he had found the web hosting company which would change my fortune for the better. The VodaHost web hosting company had everything to help me stand financially on my own two feet again. The VodaHost web hosting company provided hosting for an unlimited number of domain names, domain registration as well as domain transfers. VodaHost even registered the domain name that we would use with our web hosting account free of cost for a year. VodaHost also provided unlimited disk space and data transfers but I think for me the best part was that they provide unlimited email accounts, shopping carts and merchant accounts which were all perfect and professional tools for selling products online and the most important tools towards my change of fate. On registering, we found the VodaHost web hosting company even provides a free website builder called BlueVoda that you can use to create your own website. This was great as we didn’t have to get a website designed from elsewhere and all these features of VodaHost web hosting were available to us at a very reasonable price. We didn’t wait and immediately signed up for the VodaHost web hosting account.

With the help of my true friend, I displayed all the perfumes for sale on my website and the response was amazing. Hundreds of people thronged to my website to check out the perfumes and many of them bought them also. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. If there was any doubt or problem with my website, the customer support and tech support of VodaHost was available 24×7. They were very polite and friendly in their approach. The VodaHost web hosting company had made it very easy for me and Lady Luck seemed to be smiling on me and once again I was back in business. There’s no looking back now.