VodaHost is the best web hosting service

At this point in time, I think that VodaHost is the best web hosting service in the market. To be truly effective, web hosting companies need to be in tune with the latest technology on offer and incorporate it into their packages which VodaHost has. What makes this company even more attractive is their cost effective pricing; this makes them a truly cheap web hosting company that is very effective.

There are three vital components that are needed to maintain a website that is uptime, disk space and customer support. VodaHost is more than able to provide these three components to their customers. What makes them the best web hosting company by far is their uptime, which is estimated to be 99.9%.  No other web hosting company can compare with the uptime offered by VodaHost or with their cheap prices; this makes them the best web hosting company as well as a cheap web hosting company.

VodaHost web hosting provider also offers incredible customer support that is extremely professional and friendly. Websites and servers are known to experience a lot of problems on a regular basis, and the customer care that is offered by VodaHost is therefore priceless. Their customers always have their problems resolved in a timeous and professional manner. This type of service is definitely one of the components that qualifies them as the best web hosting company; their low prices, even with this caliber of customer care, qualifies them as a cheap web hosting company.

There are a number of added features that differentiate VodaHost from the other web hosting companies. Unlimited disc space along with free data transfer is one of these features; free software and incredible customer support are more incredible features. You will not find another web hosting company that offers all these features in their packages. The fact that they are the only service provider offering these services makes them the best web hosting company. The price of their hosting package which includes all these tools is what makes them a cheap web hosting company.

And it does not end there, they also offers a website builder called BlueVoda to their customers for free. This website builder makes use of an incredible user-friendly functionality known as drop and drag. If you need a website designed quickly, BlueVoda is the best website builder to use. With BlueVoda you can set up shopping carts and merchant accounts easily and furthermore, it is compatible with Dreamweaver and FrontPage Extensions. This website building software is only offered through VodaHost.

You will find a lot of other web hosting companies offering the best prices and service. However, there is only one web hosting company that can live up to these expectations. Their unbeatable low pricing makes VodaHost a cheap web hosting company while their incredible software and uptime makes them an amazing web hosting company. VodaHost has combined the latest technology with excellent customer care, and priced it at a price that is affordable to the masses. I am always recommending this web hosting provider to everyone.